The 76 Project is not a Red group, its not a Blue group… its a RED, WHITE and BLUE organization dedicated to uniting our great communities around the Constitution and moral principles of our Nations founding.

Our communities are NOT immune from progressive policies. Comprehensive sex-education in kindergarten, socialism taught to our children, abortion-on-demand at grade school levels, calls to defund the police, mask mandates, forcing “vaccines” against our will, paying people not to work, massive government handouts, and repeated violations of the Bill of Rights threaten our way of life.

Are you concerned about the direction we’re headed?
It doesn’t have to be this way! It is time to unite. 

For too long Idaho conservatives assumed our communities were safe from extreme and radical ideas. Public servants often make decisions based on the “squeaky wheel” of outside special interest rather than the principles of freedom and individual rights the People want.

The goal of The 76 Project is to inform, educate and activate citizens, to become influential in our city councils, county commissions, and school boards.

Politicians hear too much from outside agendas, The 76 Project is here to change that in Southeast Idaho. Together we will make our local voices heard and ensure traditional Idaho values are part of the political conversations. We will no longer be the SILENT majority.

The Federal Government won’t protect our rights, the State Government won’t protect our rights, we are left with the Cities and Counties. We must act NOW to protect our future at the community level.

Join us and become aware of local issues, find out when your elected governments meet, attend events with local politicians, and learn ways you can influence your counties in a fun, positive and productive way.

Change comes in numbers. Be part of the solution.
If not now, when?
If not us, who?