2021 Rexburg City Council Candidate Interviews

As part of The 76 Project’s mission to inform, activate and educate citizens, we invited all the City Council Candidates to complete a video interview. Robert Chambers, Kelly McKamey, Brad Wolfe, Mikel Walker and Jacob Flamm took us up on the offer (as more are interviewed, we’ll post them here).

We asked five important questions based on the foundation that our Rights are protected by the United States Constitution and the Bill of Rights. We wanted to know how they, as a member of the Rexburg City Council, intended to protect those rights. Below are the questions, their video responses are at the bottom of the article.

  1. What is your motivation for running?
  2. Do you support the forced annexation of private property into the City? If yes, under what limitations?
  3. Currently the Rexburg City Council doesn’t allow public comments on agenda items during that meeting. Do you support this?
  4. Do you support Local Improvement Districts to enhance the “look” of neighborhoods? Are there other situations where you would support LIDs?
  5. The pandemic has raised several concerns for both promoting public safety and protecting individual rights. Do you think public health concerns like the current pandemic justify the violation of individual rights (shutting down businesses, mask mandates, restrictions for unvaccinated)? If yes, explain. If no, how can a city government promote public health without violating unalienable rights?

Please watch the short videos below to find out where the candidates stand on these important issues.
Robert Chambers
Kelly McKamey
Brad Wolfe
Mikel Walker
Jacob Flamm

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